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The UK Code section of The Phone Book online allows you to find the dialling code for a particular location, or the location name(s) that relate to a particular dialling code.

How often is the site updated?
UK dialling codes are only changed occasionally. Our data will be updated to reflect these changes at approximately the same time that the changes are made.

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Filling in the search field

Select the UK codes link to carry out a search. You can use either capitals or lower case letters to enter the necessary locality name information.

    To find the locality of a dial code:
  • Enter the dial code (eg. 0161) and select search.
  • For best results enter the full dial code but exclude any digits that relate to to the actual telephone number (eg. enter '01242' where a particular code and number are 01242 6xxxxx, and not '012426')
  • Where there is more than one locality sharing the same dial code, all matching localities will be listed
  • You can search on fewer digits (eg. '0124') if uncertain of the full code. This will return a larger number of results matching all codes beginning with '0124'.

    To find the dial code for a specific locality: There are several ways to search for dial codes -
  1. Enter the name of the locality you wish to find a dial code for in the search field and then select search. If a match is found, the result(s) will be shown.
  2. If you know the region where the town/city is located, select the region name (eg. 'Scotland'). From the list presented back, make a further selection of the area the town/city you are looking for is located (eg. 'Aberdeenshire'). Next, select the town/city name (eg. 'Ballater') & the dial code will be shown.
  3. This type of search can be useful if you are not sure of the spelling of a particular locality.
  4. If you know the town/city name you can also select this from an alphabetical list of locality names. Simply select the letter of the alphabet you require and then select the town/city name from the list shown.
  5. This type of search can be useful if you are unsure of the spelling and the region in which a town/city is located.
  6. If you want to return to the first search page for UK codes at any time, select the 'Region directory' link to the right of the search field.

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Why are some codes shown in brackets and others with no brackets?

Where we have placed brackets around a code, this is to separate the dial code from the initial digits of a number range for the location matched eg. When searching for "Armagh", the code returned is "(028) 37". The dial code is just the 028 digits, whilst the "37" indicates that some telephone numbers in Armagh begin with "37".

The code of the number I was searching for is nothing like the one I seem to remember. Why?

A number of geographical and other codes have been changed over the last few years including codes for mobile phone and premium rate numbers. The last major change was on 28th April 2001 but some new codes have been introduced since then. You can find out more about this by going to OFCOM's Big Number web site via

Why can't I find the location for a particular UK dialling code?

  • Try reducing the number of digits you input for your search (eg. if you can't find '014432', this is probably because it also includes the first digit of the telephone number as well as the code. If you re-search on '01443' you fill find matching results).
  • Old UK dialling codes are not included on the UK codes service (eg. the old code for Inner London was '0171'. This has now been replaced by '020')

Why can't I find the dial code for a particular UK locality?

A lot of UK codes cover several smaller towns & villages. If you can't find a code for a smaller town or village, try searching for a larger nearby town.

Why can't I find codes in Eire?
Codes for Eire can be found by searching our International codes section of The Phone Book online.

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Dialling the UK from abroad

How to dial into the UK from overseas

We provide details of how to dial into the UK from overseas at the bottom of every page where you have found a unique match to a location for a dial code, or a dial code for a location.

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Other Phone Book Products

What is 118500?
118 500 is the voice Directory Enquiry service from BT. Features include searches for the type of business as well the name of a business or a person and onward connection can be offered to most listed numbers. We also provide UK dialling code information on this number. For more information and a full list of 118 500's services*, please click here

Calls to 118 500/404 cost £3.99 per call and £1.39 per minute, plus your phone company’s Access Charge.

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