Supply & Delivery Enquiries - FAQ's

Q. When do I get my free copy of the BT Phone Book?

A. Your local Phone Book is delivered annually by delivery contractors.

Q. How do I get a Yellow Pages?

A. Yellow Pages is not published by BT, please contact Yell.

Q. How does BT decide what's books my local Phone Book?

A. Your local Phone Book is determined by your postcode.

Q. Who decides what post codes are included what books?

A. BT undertakes market research and extensive mapping exercises to determine the coverage of each of its Phone Books.

Q. How do I get a book for another area?

A. All other area Phone Books are available to purchase at a cost of £10 which includes P&P, by calling 0800 833 400, option 2.

Q. How do I order a Phone Book?

A. Call 0800 833 400, option 2.

Order Online at

Click on Order a Phone Book

Email your request to

Q. What do I do if I have not been delivered a book this year?

A. Report the missed delivery to BT by contacting us on:

Call 0800 833 400, option 2.

Email the details to

Q. What do I do if the book I have been delivered is wet or damaged?

A. Report this to BT by contacting us on:

Call 0800 833 400, option 2.

Email the details to

Q. What if my telephone service is not provided by BT?

A. If your telephone service is not with BT and the annual delivery has finished, there will be a charge of £10 if you want to purchase a Phone Book from BT, alternatively you can contact your own service provider, who may be able to provide you with your local Phone Book free of charge.

Q. I have received my new book and I noticed the book is smaller, why?

A. In July 2010 BT Directories changed to our new compact book format. BT reduced from a four column width book to three columns. This makes the book far more streamlined, and it will now fit through a standard letterbox to make delivery of the book more efficient. BT is also committed to saving the environment. By moving towards the new compact book BT will reduce the amount of paper used by 2,000 tonnes each year. The print in the book remains the same size as the old A4 style book.

Q. I would like to receive a large print Phone Book?

A. BT does not produce a large print Phone Book. BT does however provide a free directory enquiries service to customers who are visually impaired. If you would like to find out if you are eligible for this service please call 0800 587 0195.

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